The alluring beauty of Santorini

Enchanting as no other place on the face of this earth, Santorini is a magnet for romance. In its dreamy, whitewashed alleys and the pristine sun-kissed terraces, countless love stories have flourished, mesmerized by the gentle breezes of the Aegean and the million colours of the sunset, matched only by the whirlwind of sensations that love is. This is where photographer Michael Kouvalis grew up, this is where the play of light and shadow first caught his eye, this is where he fell in love with photography and where you will fall in love once more, and time and time again… Let his inside knowledge of this amazing destination guide you to telling your story, your way, against the alluring beauty of Santorini, and let your memories stay alive forever through his photographic lens.

Aegean Islands

Dreams in white and blue

There’s something truly unique about the islands of the Aegean Sea that makes them stand out among the world’s most desired destinations. It’s the brilliance of the sun against crystalline waters, the intense hues of every colour imaginable reflecting the Mediterranean light, and the purity of life that makes the white and blue look and feel so strikingly beautiful. Countless islands and immeasurable beauty for you to choose from. Wherever around the Aegean Sea you choose to celebrate your wedding, honeymoon, or special occasion, photographer Michael Kouvalis is ready to reach, to commemorate your happiest moments in aesthetic photography. Let the Aegean grace your memories with its exquisiteness, and let Michael share them for posterity in the most elegant manner.



A land of history, nature, and beauty

They say that when in Greece, every stone turned has a treasure to reveal, a hidden gem to admire, a memory to cherish in mind and heart. Monuments of immense significance, spots of jaw-dropping natural beauty, reflections of the past, the present, and the future. Let photographer Michael Kouvalis follow you and document your discovering of Greece, to capture your memories as you explore, as you enjoy, or celebrate in this amazing, timeless land. Just pick the destination of your choice and be sure that you will take a piece of Greece together with you in artful memories that will last forever.


Inspiration around the globe

Creativity knows no boundaries, and no distance is far away enough for the ardent mind of photographer Michael Kouvalis. No matter where in the world you are planning to tie the knot, or for any other photographic project you wish to assign to Michael, you can rest assured that you will have your moments captured in his elegant, signature style, ensuring candid, dazzling representation of your memories to treasure. Get in touch now to explore how Michael’s vision can commemorate your life’s special moments, anywhere you wish.