Thats me

The origins of inspiration

Michael Kouvalis was born and raised on the magnificent Santorini. Amidst the natural beauty of this unique island, he first started to appreciate the play of light and shadow, the wonders of nature, and the multitude of ways the photographic lens can capture a moment, a place, or an emotion. As he first began exploring the art of photography, he discovered his love for nature and passion for documenting happy moments of life, expressions, sensations, snippets of joy, and memories that are meant to remain unforgettable in hearts and minds. Ηis interest in photography led him to promote from a keen hobby to a career path – specializing in wedding photography in his homeland Santorini, and beyond.

Capturing life’s happiest moments

Doing what he loves best, Michael Kouvalis creates beautiful, lasting impressions of the most precious moments in a couple’s life, and depicts their love story through candid, vivid snapshots that encapsulate every moment of happiness, every feeling shared and treasured. His style? Documenting genuine emotion, finding that right second of beauty that not only looks amazing but also has a story to tell. As a gatekeeper of joyful memories, Michael will be an unobtrusive part of your wedding day, not missing a beat and ensuring that every precious moment will become a beautiful memory through his camera lens, a moment to be cherished for eternity.